Hire our commercial inspector serving Morganton, GA & Parrish, FL

The safety of your property is important to your businesses. American Heritage Home Inspection offers building code inspection services for small businesses throughout Morganton, GA and Parrish, FL. You'll meet with a certified commercial inspector to assess your business facility and make sure all state and federal code regulations are met.

Schedule a building code inspection today by calling 706-400-8660.

Is your building up to code?

We are certified to inspect a variety of small businesses, including office spaces and food service facilities. We'll check:

Emergency exit doors
Fountains, walls and ceilings
Handicapped-accessibility compliance
Electrical service panels
Water supply and appliances

Our commercial inspector will use high-quality equipment to inspect your entire facility and provide you with photos of any problems. Reach out to us in Morganton, GA or Parrish, FL to learn more about our building code inspection services today.