Rest easy with a new construction home inspection

When you're building a new home or office building, you want every phase of construction to be done right. American Heritage Home Inspection in Morganton, GA and Parrish, FL offers new home inspection services throughout multiple stages of your home or office construction. From the time your contractor breaks ground to hammering in the last nail, we'll make sure your new home is up to code.

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Inspect for the unexpected

At American Heritage Home Inspection, we'll assess every aspect of the home construction process. We provide new construction home inspection services in four phases:

Phase 1: Foundation - A solid home starts with the foundation, so we'll make sure your footing and foundation are secure before construction continues.
Phase 2: Structure - Once the frame goes up, our experts will ensure load-bearing walls are secure and can withstand heavy construction materials.
Phase 3: Installation - We offer a pre-drywall inspection to check that your electrical, HVAC, plumbing and insulation are installed correctly.
Phase 4: Final check - After construction is complete, we'll provide a whole-home inspection to make sure your space is move-in ready.

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